Someone could make a fortune if they set up a school to teach men these skills. Because I can't imagine anyone can do all of them. A new survey found skills that every dad needs to have.

Check 'em out:

  1. Being able to stay calm during arguments.
  2. Being a safe driver even with constant distractions.
  3. Fixing a bike.
  4. Undoing tough knots.
  5. Putting up a tent.
  6. Keeping secrets.
  7. Remembering everything the family needs to take with them when they're leaving the house.
  8. Setting up the TV.
  9. Grilling.
  10. Tying shoelaces.

Some of the skills that just missed the top 10 are: Blowing up lots of balloons, fixing the Internet, lighting a fire, setting up toys, taking good family pictures, throwing a football, and telling bad jokes.

Read more at Daily Mail.

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