In order for concerts to start happening again, we have two options:

  • Ensure safety through eradication of the virus
  • Ensure safety through some sort of practice that would allow people to be together without coming in contact.

Production Club's new suit would allow us to get together before the virus is eradicated. The Micrashell will provide an advanced respiratory system that will filter air coming into the suit and out of it. Built in gloves will also keep you from having direct contact with someone.

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They decided on a visually-noisy, fun looking suit with bright neon colors because it shouldn't look like you walked into the tent in E.T.

Being your head will be completely enclosed, they've got a smart system in place to let you listen to music and talk to your friends. The suit reads other suits in proximity and allows you to mute out others and pick who you want to talk to.

The DJ or band would essentially pipe the music into your dome, sort of like a Silent Disco. You'll be able to adjust audio and EQ it yourself, so if you want more bass, you can get it. The suit allows the user to adjust volume sources, so if you want to turn your music down to talk, or turn it up to drown out your friends you can.

If you're worried about the suit blocking your view, don't worry. There's a POV camera on the front of the suit that'll fill in the gaps.

The company had one thing to say about events in the future:

We believe the future of events is not purely virtual or purely physical. We try to inspire people to think more and to think better.

Read more at Popular Mechanics

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