According to a new survey, 34% of companies have either fired or disciplined an employee over something they posted on social media. It's even more common when it comes to hiring people.

70% of human resource managers said checking people's social media is part of their hiring process. Over half of them have rejected someone because of something they found. Here are the top five things they find that can ruin your chances at landing a job:

  1. Inappropriate photos or videos.
  2. Posts about drinking or using drugs.
  3. Bigoted comments about race, gender, or religion.
  4. Something besides drugs that suggests criminal behavior.
  5. Something that shows you lied about your qualifications.

Don't play it safe by deleting all your accounts though. 47% of hiring managers said you're less likely to land an interview if they can't find you online. Thinning out your posts might be a good idea. 12% said they've rejected someone simply because they posted too much and seemed obsessed with social media.

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