It's Halloween, so naturally, we're going to come across some spooky crap. This might be a way to freak out your neighbors or like we heard from a caller this morning - your whole town.

A video from YouTube's Action Lab shows some recreations of the ancient "Aztec Death Whistle," a device found in the hand of a headless skeleton in 1999.

“The sound that the death whistle makes innately strikes fear into your heart,” James J. Orgill, who runs the channel, said.

Check out his dive into how the whistle works here:

Initially, the archaeologists thought it was a toy, but it wasn't until 15 years later when scientists finally had the idea to blow into it, where it then emitted a scary sound.

When the user blows into the device, the wind divides in two, producing an oscillating sound that bounces around the chamber inside before leaving an exit hole.

Some believe that the whistle was used to scare enemies in battle.

Here's someone else using one:

If you want to, you can buy some replicas on Amazon for like $20-$30, depending on the design you want to get.



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