The Divisional playoff between the Green Bay Packers and the Arizona Cardinals had an insane ending. It started in the last four minutes, when a pass from Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer was tipped and still led to a touchdown.

Then Aaron Rodgers threw two Hail Mary's on the final drive to send it into overtime. At which point the ref flipped a coin to start things off and the coin didn't flip. So they had to do it again. Then the Cardinals ended up winning 26-to-20, after a crazy 75-yard catch and run on the first play of overtime.

Here's the highlights:

A lone Seattle Seahawks fan took on a bunch of Cardinals fans in the stands. No word on what caused the fight, but the Seahawks fan was ejected from the game:

And if you were watching the game close enough, you may have noticed Arizona running back Chris Johnson enjoying a snack on the sidelines: