Leslie Fiet owns Mini's Cupcakes, a bakery in Salt Lake City. Over the past few months, it's been broken into twice. Which has been a pretty big hit, financially.

Then last Wednesday, Leslie got an Amber Alert on her phone about a three-year-old girl named Bella Martinez who'd been kidnapped. And right outside her store, she saw a girl who matched the description, sitting in the back of a black SUV.

Without hesitation, Leslie ran to the SUV, grabbed the kid, brought her inside the store, and called the cops. Turns out it was Bella.

It's not clear if the woman who kidnapped her had gone into another store or what, but she wasn't in the car. And she ended up turning herself in.

Then when Leslie got to work the next day, she was overwhelmed with new customers, who were mostly local. Ssome of them had come from all over the state to buy cupcakes and thank her for what she did.

She says she usually runs the place by herself, but had to call two friends to come help that day. And a week later, business is still booming.

(Leslie Fiet)