Monopoly turns 80 this year, so Hasbro is releasing a new version this fall where all the property spaces are American cities. It's been done before, but everything is being updated.

They let people vote which cities should be on the board, and the one with the most votes got to take Boardwalk's place as the most valuable spot. After four million votes were counted, the big winner is Pierre, South Dakota...

They were punk'd, right?

It seems like the people of Pierre banded together to beat the system. Minneapolis is taking Park Place's spot as the second-most valuable spot on the board.

    Here's the full list:

  • Dark blue: Pierre, South Dakota and Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • Green: New York, Virginia Beach and Los Angeles.
  • Yellow: Chicago, Indianapolis and Charleston.
  • Red: Detroit, Boston and Milwaukee.
  • Orange: Cleveland, Asheville, North Carolina and Denver.
  • Magenta: Atlanta, Little Rock and Seattle.
  • Light blue: Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Charlotte and Dallas.
  • Brown: Waconia, Minnesota and Chesapeake, Virginia.
(Hasbro Inc.)