The #1 thing you shouldn't buy when you're buzzed is a new phone. According to a new poll, it's the drunk purchase you're most likely to regret. 51% of people in the survey said they've returned something they bought while they were drunk.

The ten most regretful drunk-buys are:

  1. Phones and accessories
  2. Books
  3. Home and kitchen stuff
  4. Sports and camping supplies
  5. Arts and crafts supplies
  6. Toys
  7. Baby stuff
  8. Appliances
  9. Video games
  10. Beauty supplies

We don't regret everything we buy. The survey also looked at the top drunk purchases people end up being happy with. The ten best drunk-buys are musical instruments, stuff for your pets, health-related items, computers, clothing and jewelry, food, music, tools, other random electronics, and Amazon devices, like an Amazon Echo.

Women spend slightly more than men, according to the survey, $45 each time they drunk shop, compared to $40 for men.

Overall, gin drinkers spend the most by far at $82. Rum is next at $54, then vodka at $51, white wine at $46, red wine at $42, tequila at $40, beer at $39, and whiskey also at $39.

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