Nameberry just analyzed 40 million visits from the first half of the year and figured out the baby names Americans are searching for the most.


The hottest name of the year is Aryan. Wait, what?

Yes, really. It's been out of style for several decades. You know, for the same reason the name Adolf is also out of style. But now it's back, it jumped 49 spots in popularity, which is more than any other name for either gender.

Maybe it's because parents are looking for the male version of Arya from "Game of Thrones". Or maybe enough time has passed that people don't associate "Aryan" with white supremacists anymore? No one's sure.

The rest of the five hottest boys' names are much less controversial: John, Tobias, Daniel, and Xavier. The five hottest girls' names are Sadie, Elise, Astrid, Isabella, and Thea.

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