The most dangerous part about eating and driving isn't the eating part. It's what you do right before you dig in.

A survey by found the most dangerous part of eating and driving is unwrapping your food, because it usually requires two hands.

Reaching for something like a napkin was a close second. Followed by cleaning up a spill or a stain, putting condiments on your food, and dealing with the trash when you're done.

In general, the most dangerous things to eat behind the wheel are foods that require two hands, might cause a spill, or might make you take your eyes off the road.

Here are three more eating-and-driving stats:

  1. The most popular foods we eat behind the wheel are: French fries . . . candy bars . . . hamburgers . . . chips . . . and a tie between donuts and granola bars.
  2. 56% of Americans admit to eating while driving on a semi-regular basis. Including 7% who do it every day.
  3. Older Americans are the worst about it. 13% of people between 55 and 64 said they do it every day. And women do it more than men. Guys were 17% more likely to say they NEVER eat behind the wheel.

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