Just because some dating disasters are common, that doesn't make them less horrifying when they happen to you.


A new survey found more than two-thirds of people say they've had something disastrous happen on a date. More than half of them say they never went on another date with that person because of it.

    Here are the 10 most common things that have gone wrong:

  1. Spilling food on yourself.
  2. Tripping and falling.
  3. Going to a terrible movie.
  4. Bumping into an ex.
  5. Having food stuck in your teeth and not realizing it.
  6. Misreading the situation and going in for a kiss.
  7. Choking on your drink.
  8. Accidentally biting your tongue.
  9. Having your mom call during the date.
  10. Forgetting your wallet.

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