It's the biggest game of the year and many of us in the Quad Cities already know the team we will be routing for.  Maybe you grew up a San Francisco 49ers fan.  Or because Kansas City is more in the mid-west you are going to be a Chiefs fan this weekend.  Or maybe you just put money on the game.  No matter what your reason, just like the 100 million other people in this country watching the game, you've got your side picked out.

However if you don't have a team to cheer for maybe this can help you.  Both the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs feature players with Iowa and Illinois ties.

Let's start with the Kansas City Chiefs.

  • Nick Allegretti - Gaurd - Illinois
  • Anthony Hitchens - LB - Iowa
  • Ben Niemann - LB - Iowa
  • Xavier Williams - DT - Northern Iowa
  • Khalen Saunders - DT - Western Illinois

The five players that played their college football in one of our great states may not be household names.  However, all it takes is one big play that will put the Super Bowl spotlight on them.

Now, the San Francisco 49ers.

  • Jimmy Garoppolo - QB - Eastern Illinois
  • C.J. Beathard - QB - Iowa
  • George Kittle - TE - Iowa
  • Jimmie Ward - DB - Northern Illinois

While the 49ers will be sending less players from Iowa/Illinois colleges to the field on Sunday, they have the star power.  Jimmy Garoppolo is one of the best QB's in the game.  And if you don't know TE George Kittle from Iowa, you will after Sunday.  He has been rated the best player in the NFL by numerous outlets.

There you go.  If you didn't have a team picked out I hope that helps.  Now you have something to look forward to other than the commercials.

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