Something tells me that the scientists behind this study were super ugly dudes. That's not me stereotyping scientists, it's me stereotyping the ones who would work to draw this conclusion.


A new study out of Southern Methodist University in Texas and Florida State University found that relationships are more successful if it's an attractive woman paired up with a less attractive guy. The researchers found both people are happier that way.

The women are happier because the uglier guys are more likely than good-looking guys to give gifts, do extra housework, and really give their full effort in the bedroom. And the men are happier because, you know, they've got a hot wife.

The researchers found that when things were the other way around, and there was a husband who was more attractive than his wife, it led to big problems, especially for the women.

Those guys were less likely to do them favors, give them gifts and make them insecure to the point where they were more likely to obsess over exercising and dieting.

Read more at New York Post.

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