On August 8th, 1988, Wrigley Field propelled itself into the current times when the Chicago Cubs hosted their first game under lights at the field, ever. Up until that point, they had only played day games.

The first game was between the Chicago Cubs and the Philadelphia Phillies. Sure, there was anger towards the Phillies, since they had Mike Schmidt and Pete Rose on their roster, but it was Phil Bradley who dug the knife into Cubs fans.

At bat, Bradley was ahead in the count at 2-1 against pitcher Rick Sutcliffe. It was then he threw a fastball, which Bradley slammed out of the park and onto Waveland Avenue.

However, even though he had just made history as the first homerun under the lights at Wrigley, the rainstorm that came through caused a rain delay. That delay then became a game cancellation.

Because the game didn't count, Bradley's homerun didn't count on his record, but we'll always see him as the first.

Today, Phil Bradley is working for the MLB today. The 62-year-old works as the Special Assistant for the MLB’s Players Association. He told us this morning that he's working on special events currently, one of which is the Field of Dreams game scheduled for August 12th.

We talked with Phil Bradley today, check it out:

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