Many consider baseball America's pastime, even so, it's hard to believe that just last year for the Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees game the cheapest pair of tickets you could find were on StubHub for a little more than $1,000. It was considered an iconic game on the Field Of Dreams, and Iowans were excited to have a game like this in their home state.

Now a year later... how much do tickets cost for the Cubs and Reds game?

Iowans Winning Tickets

Another reason Iowans were so excited to have this game in Iowa was the free tickets that only those living in Iowa could win with a raffle. It concluded in June. So if you're from Iowa and reading this I'm assuming you didn't win... it's okay I didn't either.

Last Season's Game

Last year started this new tradition, the very first edition ever was played on August 12th, 2021, with the Chicago White Sox defeating the New York Yankees, 9–8. It was a great win for the White Sox, can another Chicago team win this year? You can learn more about last year's game here.

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The 2022 Ticket Price

According to the Des Moines Register, at the time of writing this, the cheapest tickets for the Field of Dreams game are going for $450 on StubHub. Over $500 less than last year's game. There are higher-priced tickets, however. The Register also reported,

Elsewhere, baseball fans can snag tickets to the game anywhere from $710 on Vivid Seats to $744 on Seat Geek.


When Is The Game

The Chicago Cubs and the Cincinnati Reds are stepping foot on the Field Of Dreams to battle it out very soon. The first pitch is scheduled for 6:15 p.m CT on Thursday, August 11. Get your peanuts and crackerjack because even though the tickets are a bit cheaper this game is going to be just as great as the last one.

The Field Of Dreams

Wanna get excited about the game? This video always puts a smile on my face as an Iowan.

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