We've all read stories about different celebrities calling our state a "flyover state," and it's apparent that very few truly know anything about us, going by a clip from this week's Celebrity Jeopardy.

The Monday episode featured celebrity guests Patton Oswalt, who we know for his many roles like King of Queens and Ratatouille, WNBA's Candace Parker (of the Chicago Sky) and Torrey DeVitto, known for playing Zoe in I Know What You Did Last Summer and Melissa in Pretty Little Liars.

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As Mayim Bialik asked questions, Candace asked "The Fifty States for $300." Which brought up a clue anyone who's spent any time in our great state of Iowa will know.

" In Field of Dreams, a question is asked, 'Is this heaven?' -- No, it's the Midwestern state known as 'The Corn State."

Torrey DeVitto was the first to buzz in, giving the facepalming answer of "What is Wisconsin?" which is obviously wrong.


Then, Candace Parker buzzed next, and said "What is-" but paused with her mouth in the shape you would make to say "Iowa." She must've second-guessed herself, because the next word that came out of her mouth was "Nebraska."

Patton Oswalt knew that he didn't know it, and didn't even try to throw out a guess, but rather stayed silent.

We all know the answer to this one.


Now, I can give a pass to them for not knowing Iowa trivia if it were something about a bread slicer and where it was invented, but these are actors who don't know movie trivia about a movie so influential, the MLB made a freaking annual tradition of a themed event.

Sure, it's only six seconds from Field of Dreams, but other than "If you build it, he will come," it's the most memorable line from the whole movie.

I don't even know what to think anymore. Maybe we quit doing Celebrity Jeopardy.


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