The MLB announced yesterday that they've developed a ticket lottery for people to purchase tickets to attend the Cubs vs. Reds game at the MLB Field of Dreams in Dyersville.

Winners of the lottery will be notified and will then have the opportunity to purchase up to two tickets and one parking pass for the once-in-a-lifetime game.

The game will take place August 11, 2022.

Those with Iowa zip codes will be able to register for the lottery. Fans must register before the lottery closes at 11am CST June 9, 2022.

The drawing for the lottery will take place on or about June 14th, 2022, with the registrants notified of their selection by email on June 15th. Tickets will be available for the winners of the lottery on June 16.

Registration will be available on the MLB's website.

If you can't afford the prices or don't win the ticket lottery, the game will be broadcast nationally on television like last year.

The chances of getting tickets will be decent, as the stadium built for the game has a capacity of 8,000 fans.

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Field of Dreams Game Quick Facts:

  • Who is playing? Chicago Cubs vs. Cincinnati Reds
  • Yes, this is a regular-season game.
  • Yes, the game will be broadcasted.
  • There are 8,000 seats in the stadium.
  • What will the field look like? It's been designed to look like Comiskey Park, the home of the White Sox from 1910-1990. Surely, this year will have a spin for the Chicago Cubs.
  • The field won't be destroyed, so what happens next? The owners of the movie site and MLB will negotiate the next
  • Is this the smallest MLB facility? No, Bowman Field in Williamsport, PA. only has 2,366 seats.
  • This is the second MLB regular-season game in Iowa. In Fort Dodge, IA an exhibition game was played between the White Sox and the Cubs back in 1942.
  • Will people come? They built it. We will come.

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