This is the only way someone could get away with smashing the back window of a police car.


Millville New Jersey

Thirteen-year-old Sol Elmer from the South Jersey Bulls travel team is making headlines this week for his incredible grand slam home run in a recent Tri-State Elite Baseball League game. The ball soared over a 10-foot fence and traveled a whopping 330 feet, landing in a parking lot and shattering the back windshield of a Millville Police Department Ford Explorer SUV.

Instead of getting angry, the police officers were good sports and even took a photo with Sol by their damaged vehicle. They shared the picture on their Facebook page with a caption praising Sol's impressive skills. They also humorously requested that he aim for center or left field in the future to avoid any further car damage.

The Facebook Post

"Finding one of our patrol vehicles damaged is not cool. Finding out the youngest player on the team hit a grand slam which caused said damage….pretty cool! Pictured here is Sol Elmer #84 from the South Jersey Bulls out of Woodstown. Great job and we hope for nothing but success in your season. All we ask is to hit any future home runs in Millville more towards center or left field if you can thanks 😊."

It's heartwarming to see police officers showing support for young athletes and having a sense of humor about unexpected situations. Sol is certainly on his way to a bright future in baseball, with a name that already sounds like that of a pro player.

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