A man from Curwensville is facing charges after police say he called 911, claiming he was hit by a baseball bat around 3am.

38-year-old Christopher Chelgren is facing burglary, trespassing, and disorderly conduct charges after he called police around 3:17am on February 18th, letting them know he was struck with a baseball bat.

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According to the criminal complaint filed by Pennsylvania State Police, the officers arrived to the scene, which happened to be the home of Chelgren's ex-girlfriend. She told officers that he had texted her numerous times, and then showed up at her house, only to leave and return around 3am.

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When he came back, he just let himself in through the front door.

The ex and another person in the house said Chelgren went up to his ex's bedroom immediately. When she tried to push him out of the room and make him leave, Chelgren forced himself into the bedroom.

After making his way in, Chelgren allegedly attacked the second person in the bedroom with a beer bottle to their face. Eventually, he left and called 911.

Police noted that when they arrived, Chelgren had a bump on his head while the person he allegedly had attacked had injuries to their teeth and face.

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According to the complaint, police said the bed frame in the room had been broken, but they were unable to locate anything resembling a baseball bat anywhere in the vicinity.

Chelgren was taken into custody and arraigned. He was taken to the Clearfield County Prison and is held on a bail of $25,000.

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