While moving into their new home in New Jersey, Cathy and Roy Aukamp were surprised to discover a hidden stash of alcohol behind a section of drywall.

Cathy Aukamp
Cathy Aukamp


Two days after settling in, a storm caused their basement to flood, prompting the couple to remove soaked plasterboard. To their amazement, numerous empty liquor bottles cascaded from the cut-out wall.

The Video Of Falling Bottles


A video captured the event, showing Roy's disbelief and Cathy's lighthearted humor.

"Purchased a home and immediately had a huge flood. Massive rain storm and more water than the ground could hold. This is what we found in the walls of the finished basement when removing ruined sheetrock. I have added a photo of the spot where the bottles were dropped in the wall for those asking." -Cathy


Cathy also posted a photo of where the bottles were being dropped into the wall.

"This is how the bottles got in the wall. Hole in the soffit. This pic is from before the flood. The flood was caused by a massive storm. Historic amount of water. Came up through the ground. No one would have known the bottles were in the wall. The home inspection took an entire day. Thanks for those sharing your comments on your recovery and those with stories about your family struggles. Seeing a lot of support here and it is a great thing to come out of all of this. Oh and my husband isn’t mad at all. We were just amazed and surprised. Our reactions were just pure disbelief." -Cathy


The couple's social media post about the strange discovery garnered various reactions, with some jokingly suggesting they had purchased a house from Captain Morgan himself, while others commented on the seriousness of addiction.

The Previous Owner Reaches Out

Interestingly, the previous homeowner, who was addicted to alcohol, reached out to the couple after seeing the viral video and disclosed that there were hundreds more bottles hidden in the walls. However, he also mentioned that he has been sober for three years.

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