For years, I have been asked about reuniting the classic cars from our Classic Car Calendars at a car show. It's always been something that appealed to me, and the idea I have in my head that everyone whose car made an appearance on those pages are part of a family. But a "When" and "Where" never really materialized.

Until now. As part of a great retro weekend featuring live music, an automobilia auction, and car show next September at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds, we will invite all former and current Classic Car Calendar Cars to show in a special corral!

Davenport Americana will come to the Fairgrounds Sept, 12th, 13th, and 14th featuring a great automobilia auction, around which The Dwyer & Michaels Past Gas Car Show will return!

Past Gas Poster

Details will be added soon, but I wanted to get the word out to anyone with an former calendar car to be able to save the weekend!

Another great part of the Past Gas Car Show and Cruise--Our 2020 Classic Car Calendar Cover Car will be chosen from exclusively from entries at the show!

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