While these two musicians were opposite in their styles of music, both men have more than their December 8th deaths in common.

John Lennon had everything when he was shot outside his apartment building in 1980. His role in the history of Rock and Roll was cemented with the Beatles, and he had just released his first solo record in years. He was mending relationships with his family, and continuing to use his famous name to bring attention to peace efforts throughout the world.

"Dimebag" Darryl Abbot had rising fame and a unique style that also brought him success, and the freedom to do whatever he chose. Abbot had parted ways with Pantera, the band that not only changed Abbot's life, but advanced the sound of Metal music in the process. Abbot had success beyond his wildest dreams. He was playing onstage with his new band, and most importantly, his brother, when he was shot and killed 10 years ago.

Both these men we killed by "overzealous" fans. And both had so much more to offer music and it's fans.