A band described by Richard Young of the Kentucky Headhunters as "ZZ Top goes Star Wars" is coming to the Quad Cities, and we have tickets for you!

The Comancheros, a heavy and western band with some of the highest energy performances in the business ar e playing at Rascals at the end of the month of April. The group is known for their first full release, Heavy & Western, followed by Too Old To Die Now.

The band is driven by the signature voice of lead singer/guitarist Tanner Jones, kept in time by drummer Michael "Bobcat" Cook, and Jon "Deere" Green. The Comancheros first made their appearance on the scene at Whiskey Jam in Nashville.

The Comancheros Stopped By The Studio Friday Morning To Talk Their Upcoming Shows, and Play A Few Tunes:



Joining The Comancheros for this show is Rocktapuss, a local group that plays your favorites, made up of a revolving group of musicians from the Quad Cities.


Get your tickets and all of the info you could possibly need from Rascals Live's website. Tickets start at $10 online but will rise to $15 per person for the day of the show.

Enter below for a chance at tickets for this show!

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