The most expensive home in America is now for sale for a cool $350 million and it's the home of the Clampett family from "The Beverly Hillbillies". Which, you know, seems appropriate.

Coldwell Banker Global Luxury, Hilton & Hyland
Coldwell Banker Global Luxury, Hilton & Hyland

The 25,000-square-foot mansion is in L.A.'s Bel-Air neighborhood and it was used for the exterior shots of the Clampett's mansion. We're talking the '60s TV show, not that awful movie from 1993.

It was built in 1933 and sits on 10.3 acres. The mansion has a ballroom, a wine cellar, a 40-car garage, a tennis court, a 75-foot pool, a pool house, a guest house, manicured gardens, and a formal salon.

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