For whatever reason, in my late-night deep diving of the internet, I came across this safety PSA from Centron Educational Films.

Upper Playground via YouTube
Upper Playground via YouTube

My first thought was, "Man, our attention spans were a lot longer back then." The video is 11 minutes long. I don't think I've seen a PSA much longer than about 45-60 seconds in about 10 years.

The video goes on to explain some safety tips. As the PSA shows some kids dressed up and trick or treating, and then it cuts to a kid dressed as a witch.

Upper Playground via YouTube
Upper Playground via YouTube

"Here is the scariest monster of all. Do you know why?" The narrator asks. "This little witch doesn't know it, but she's taking some frightening chances of being hurt. Maybe badly hurt. Her costume is very dangerous."

The narrator then picks apart the costume and why each piece of the costume is just plain wrong.

The mask has too small of eye holes, so you could get hit by a car or fall off a curb. The cloak and hat are too dark, so when you do walk out in the street, drivers won't be able to see you. Oh, and it's too long.

Next, the narrator brings us back to when the girl's mom was getting her dressed, and mentions not carrying the broom because it's too easy to trip over in the dark.

"Cardboard brooms and swords are usually safer than wooden ones, but it's safest to not carry anything like this in the first place."

Next, they recommend wrapping your kid in reflective tape over the costume, and making sure their bag is reflective.

While we're on the topic of the candy bag, the agency recommends writing your name and address on the trick or treat bag in case you do get hit by a car.

Upper Playground via YouTube
Upper Playground via YouTube

Obviously, this a terrible idea. All it takes is for your kid to lose their bag, or trick or treat at a creeper's house. Now, the wrong people could know where your house is, and know there's a kid in that house.

"Do you remember that mask with the small eye holes?" The narrator changes the subject again.

"You could just not wear a mask."

So now, we went from spooky cool witch costume to a kid wearing all white (except for the the hi-vis tape) cloak and hat.

The rest of the video touches base on all of the other PSA checklist:

  • Eat a big dinner so you're not hungry for candy.
  • Costumes should be flame-retardant
  • Carry a flashlight
  • Don't go alone
  • Check your candy for knives and guns or whatever you're supposed to find in there
  • Don't go inside anyone's home
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