As we embark on the process putting next year's Classic Car Calendar together,  we need your input!  Over the last 10 years, we've featured more than 100 different cars from more than 5000 cars submitted, the incredible work of 25 local photographers, and some 150 beautiful ladies (Oh, and Goose and Travis, too!)

The idea has stayed the same, highlight the area's best cars photographed with beautiful models.  It's a time-honored recipe, and next year could be your year!! Here's what we need from you:

Car Owners can submit a photograph of their car below.  From the photos we collect, 50 of the best Calendar candidates will be selected and put to a vote online to determine the cars we feature.  Make sure you get your car to us using the form below (completely filled out) before June 1st.

Models who are interested in appearing in the calendar can submit an application using the form below.  Attach 2 photos, and send it along to us before June 1st. We will choose a number of models from those applications submitted based on number needed after complete photo sets are chosen

Photographers who would like their work to be in the Calendar can also send us their info and a sample in the form below. Again, please do so by June 1st.  We usually need about 4 photographers, and would choose approximately 2 from these applications.

For those who would like to submit A Complete Calendar-Ready Photo Set (similar to last year's process) we want to continue that option as well.  This form would be for those who have coordinated a vehicle, model and photographer who work together to submit a finished product ready to print.  Those submissions will be considered as well, and can be submitted below when all the releases have been included.  Completing a photo-set won't guarantee inclusion in the calendar, but it is another option for those who may have already been working with ideas that would fit in this project. Please have these to us by June 1.

Pro Tip:  If you are a model submitting for both a complete photo set, and individually, please make sure your application shots are different from your completed photo set.

For photographers, if submitting multiple sets, it's best to use completely different vehicles and models for each, as each car would only be used once per calendar, and the same car with two different models won't necessarily increase your chances of inclusion.

Good Luck and Thanks for your interest in the 2019 Dwyer and Michaels Classic Car Calendar!

Other details to know about our calendar and releases:

If you are submitting a full photo set for consideration: We require releases and permission from all involved, from the car owner to the photographer and model(s).  Everything submitted becomes property of Townsquare Media until such time as the calendar is released.  We don't want the image you sent to us to be published everywhere else.  If we cannot use your submission, we will release it back to you.  If your image has been published elsewhere, the publishers' release must be included, or it will not be considered.

Along those same lines, if you submit a photo-set to us for consideration to publish, and other similar photos are published elsewhere (including other photos from the same shoot) it will adversely affect the decision to include that submission in the 2019 Calendar. Photos submitted can be returned for any reason, including  but not limited to photo quality, vehicle choice, and (or) model.

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