Is there anything more boring than watching two equally disliked people debate over which one should be our next president? Luckily, we have a way to make it more fun: alcohol.

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Here are the guidelines:

  • When either candidate says their campaign slogan, drink. ("Make America Great Again" for Trump and "Stronger Together" for Clinton.)
  • When Trump assures America that he “knows more about ISIS than the generals,” drink.
  • When Clinton diverts a question about her emails, drink.
  • When Trump insists that Mexico will pay for the wall, take a shot. Chase the shot with a beer when he won’t elaborate.
  • When either Trump or Clinton ignores moderator Lester Holt and keeps talking past the time limit, drink.
  • If Trump alludes to Clinton’s health, drink.
  • When Clinton makes a shout out to her “hometown” of New York, drink.
  • When Trump makes a funny face, drink.
  • When Clinton declares, “Deal me in!" drink.
  • If Trump calls Clinton, “Crooked Hillary,” drink.
  • When Trump and Clinton argue about whether Trump supported the Iraq War or not, drink.
  • When Trump says “huge,” drink.
  • When Trump blames President Obama for something, or when Clinton blames Republicans for something, drink.
  • When either Trump or Clinton accuses the other of being unfit or unqualified to be president, drink.
  • If Trump makes any reference to the size of his hands, chug.