There was a trend for a while where job interviewers would ask "outside the box" questions to test people's quick thinking. Questions like, "What super power would you want?" or "Describe the color yellow to someone who can't see."

Well, an interviewer from TGI Friday's just put all of them to shame.

TGI Fridays
TGI Fridays

An 18-year-old guy was interviewing for a job at a TGI Friday's in Derby, England last week and the interviewer asked him, "Would you rather eat poop-flavored chocolate or chocolate-flavored poop?"

That's a phenomenal question. I guess you have to go with the poop-flavored chocolate, because you could get a disease eating the chocolate-flavored poop, but I'm not sure I could've come up with that answer in the moment.

The interviewer also apparently asked the guy if he'd rather watch his parents have sex for a year or join in on their foreplay just one time.

Unfortunately, neither of those questions are part of the standard TGI Friday's interviewing protocol. The guy wound up complaining to the corporate office, and the interviewer was suspended. That's fine. His genius is needed elsewhere.

Read more at Daily News.

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