A Texas high school student played what one would've thought would be a harmless prank, but the prank ended with six of his peers in the hospital.

“A student confessed to bringing a highly concentrated, prank, stink spray called Hensgaukt Fart Spray,” the Caney Creek Fire & Rescue squad said.

The student confessed to the prank after fire officials and a hazardous response team spent three days on an investigation to find the source of a smell of gas that was filling Caney Creek High School - about 45 miles from Houston.

The odor first was noticed on Wednesday, and the thought of it to be a gas leak prompted a swift evacuation of the students and staff.

Gilles Glod

First responders came to the building with gas detection equipment but were not successful in their attempts.

Students were returned to their classes, despite the building still having the smell.

The very same day, six students were hospitalized with the complaint of severe headaches because of the smell, Caney Creek Fire Chief Raymond Flannelly told KHOU-11. Eight others reported feeling ill.

The school was forced to close for the rest of the week to air the smell out, even though firefighters confirmed the building's air quality was safe.

It wasn't until Friday that a student came forward to administrators, confessing to the prank. He used a fart spray, advertised as a gag toy that “creates a smell like real poo and fake vomit.”

The teenager likely wasn’t acting alone, school administrators theorize.

People obtained an email from Caney Creek High School Principal Jeff Stichler, who promised parents they've contacted the District Attorney's Office and “will address it to the fullest extent of the Student Code of Conduct and the laws of the State of Texas.”

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