According to NOAA, the August 10th, 2020 derecho is the costliest severe thunderstorm in United States history.


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Terry Swails, along with Carolyn Wettstone, wrote a book detailing the storm that swept through Iowa, causing more fiscal damage than any other storm in the country's history.

August 10, 2020, the costliest thunderstorm in United
States history roared through lowa causing
unprecedented damage. Now the Emmy-award
winning team of broadcast meteorologist Terry Swails
and Journalist Carolyn Wettstone have written the
authoritative book on the storm entitled Derecho 911:
lowa's Inland Hurricane.

As we know, Terry Swails is an Eastern Iowa go-to for meteorology, so you best believe this book will be more than informational.

The book documents the damage, the stories, how this remarkable storm came to be, and why it will change the warning system going forward. It also explores the the history of derechos in Iowa, their

climatology, why they are the most difficult storm to predict, and the Iowan who first coined their descriptive term.

Attention is also devoted to the severe impacts on Iowa's agriculture, power grid, and tree canopy. With 150 images, numerous graphics, and diagrams, Derecho 911 is the Go-To resource for its detail to the science, impact, and stories of America's worst thunderstorm!

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