News came out earlier this week about the new species of "Murder" Hornets from Asia that just were found in Washington State.

The Asian Giant Hornet can grow up to be about the size of a grown man's thumb. They have quarter inch stingers, with a super potent sting.

A threat to our bee population, they're big, scary, and new to the US.

Scientists decided to test and see if they'll have any natural enemies over here, and the bad-ass Praying Mantis proved to be it.

They recorded the test, where they put one of each of the insects in an enclosed tank. The wasp takes a step towards the mantis, only to be grabbed in its arm-hand-finger things.


It makes me feel a whole lot better that the calm Praying Mantis I kept as a kid for a short time will take the scary bug and literally eat its head off.

Damn nature, you scary.

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