No matter what is put in place to stop teens from getting booze, booze will find a way.

Teens on Tik Tok have figured out how to get their hands on some liquor after realizing that if you have to wear a face mask at all times, you can't tell how old someone is, or really ID them properly in the slightest.


The new trend is to dress up as a grandma, but wear a mask, in order to avoid being properly ID'd, because typically, you don't ask a 70 year old woman for her ID to double check she's over 21.  

Some of them don't show the process, but rather than them just getting the booze, while others show the entire process. Of course, teens have answers for everything. In a video posted by @nikkigurlll, she explains that the store has a "No ID, no purchase" policy, but the geniuses sent another in to help grandma through the store, and explained that grandma doesn't have an ID anymore because she can't drive.

Apparently even a rubber granny mask will do the trick as long as you throw the medical mask on top of it.

I don't condone underage drinking, but I'm definitely not saying these kids didn't earn it after that.  

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