This is why you don't get your kid a brand new car when they get their license. Let them ruin your old beater first.

A group of teenagers near St. Louis broke into the showroom of a car dealership last Friday and stole four muscle cars. Two of them were Dodge Challenger Hellcats, which have about 700 horsepower. Each car goes for between 50 and 75 grand.

Apparently the thieves' driving skills weren't quite good enough to handle that much power, because three of them crashed less than a mile from the dealership. Luckily they weren't seriously hurt, but at least two of the cars are totalled.

19-year-old Jordon Neely and 17-year-old Deandre Chiney are facing charges for burglary and receiving stolen property. Their 16-year-old friend is being charged as a minor. Cops are still looking for the fourth car that was stolen.

St. Peters Police Department

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