Phillip Angus from Boyertown, Pennsylvania has something his classmates don't have: The Guinness World Record For Biggest Mouth Gape.

The gape of a mouth is considered to be the distance between the upper and lower incisors.

Phillip's gape measures at 9.52cm (3.75in), beating the last record of 8.8cm (3.46in).

Guinness World Records
Jenny Angus via Facebook

He says he knew his mouth was bigger than most when he was about 9 or 10 and his friends started joking about It. He found out he could stretch his mouth as big as it does when he was trying to pop his ears.

Neither parent has a big mouth, so they're not sure how he ended up with gape so big.

Phillip had to have a dentist officially measure for the record, who said she never had seen anything close.


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