Muhammad Idul, 16, from Indonesia, was fishing with his family when a school of needlefish started jumping out of the water.

Needlefish are a fish with a long pointy snout with tack-like teeth.

The fish pierced through Idul's neck, and knocked him out of his family's boat. Luckily for him he was able to swim back to the boat and walk home with the fish still stuck in his neck. The fish was so stuck he had to be transferred hospitals so they could effectively remove it.

A team of three surgerounds and two anesthesiologists spent two hours removing the fish's face from Idul's neck. They had to remove the fish's head from its body first to keep it from pulling on the boy's neck. The doctors said the fish kept the bleeding to a minimum.

The pictures are pretty gnarly, so look at your own risk.

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