While our troops are overseas fighting for our country, laying everything on the line for us, non-profits and private donors send Christmas cards, gifts, and snacks from home to our soldiers. It's such a great tradition, and the troops absolutely appreciate the gesture, but what often is neglected by these groups is the family that soldier doesn't get to spend Christmas with. Trees for Troops is about both.

Over the next few weeks before Christmas, 16,000 farm-grown Christmas Trees will be delivered here at home and over seas to military bases. Trees for Troops has a staff of 9, but a volunteer base of hundreds.

They'll deliver the trees to 74 bases total, delivering to active military family, and they're even sending trees to the bases overseas in the Middle-East. The trees are delivered to the base in a general area, and the officials decide who takes the trees home. Trees for Troops has a high demand, and a waiting list for bases wanting to get involved.

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