I put on an AC/DC concert Saturday morning.  My nephews had spent the night and I was fixing them strangely colored pancakes (btw, purple pancakes, when cooked, turn grey). So, I cranked on some tunes on the TV and tied up my "For Those About To Rocco (dispirito) apron. 

After they made the obvious jokes about the 60 year old men rocking out on stage instead of a rocking chair, they asked "Why do they still do that?" My answer, "because they can still sell out a stadium with 25,000 damn seats!"

Then they started listening to the songs.

"Oh, I know this one!"  "I've heard that!"

Don't accuse a band of selling out when they put their song in a movie (Iron Man, A Knight’s Tale, The Longest Yard, Varsity Blues, Wild Hogs, Maximum Overdrive, Dukes of Hazzard Movie, Empire Records, Private Parts, School of Rock) because sometimes...that's the only way some kids will hear good music!

By the way, They kicked off their "Rock or Bust" tour with a great setlist.