With Cinco De Mayo fast approaching, you may have tacos on your mind.  Or if you’re like me…it’s Tuesday & I haven’t had tacos since LAST Tuesday…so, you’ve got tacos on your mind.

There are LOTS of great tacos around the Quad Cities Area.  But I’m talking today about tacos & a potential road trip!

2 of my favorite things.

Follow the Mississippi North & you’ll find what happens to be my personal favorite tacos at…a pizza joint! The two don’t seem to be a good fit to the pedestrian observer.  But Manny’s Pizza, not only has a great thin crust pizza…but world class tacos too!!


I don’t know their secret, per se, but I know if you don’t have grease dripping down your elbows by the end of your meal you’re doing it wrong.  I prefer to get my order (3) of tacos as an appetizer with their amazing pizza as the main course.  All of this pairs very well with this year’s pilsner (a very good year).

Manny’s Pizza can be found in Savanna, Fulton, Freeport & Sterling, Il.

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