As the Fried Chicken War rears its head again, every fast food chain has introduced, or reintroduced, their attempt at a fried chicken sandwich. While Taco Bell doesn't sell sandwiches, they still wanted to throw their hat in the ring.

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The company just announced their new Fried Chicken Taco, which is fried chicken breast in a fluffy piece of flatbread with a little chipotle sauce.


The thing looks reminiscent of the days we didn't have hot dog buns, so my mom would tell me to just fold a piece of white bread, because bread is bread. There's also a spicy version that'll have jalepeños.

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When they launch March 11th, they'll only be available in Nashville and Charlotte, but the plan is to roll them out nationwide by the end of the year. That's pending a good response in the test markets, of course.

Now to just get the Mexican Pizza back on the menu...

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