After 8 days in Iowa City, we were able to bring Megan home on Tuesday night. That was a fun ride! I never knew there were that many bumps along that stretch of I-80.

Between now and June 8th, her assignment is to keep a lid on pretty much all activity other than walking. Having a good chunk of that 6 months falls during the winter makes it a little easier than if the recovery time was mid summer. She's not allowed to lift or move anything weighing more than 5 pounds (I follow the same restriction, but mine is self imposed).

Thank you again to everyone who kept us in your prayers. It's very comforting to know there are so many people--many whom we've never met--actively pulling for my daughter.
It means a lot!

Here are a few x-rays that were taken during the surgery. I can't begin to understand how they're able to do this, but these images provide an amazing glimpse of what the process looks like.

And here's the final result. Also, Megan is now an inch and a half taller and just slightly taller than Mallory. She's taking it pretty well, I think!