Do  you like surf punk garage rock?
Wait.  Is that a thing?
Yes.  Surf Zombies are coming to Hook's Pub in Clinton, Ia this Sunday!  Check out their video below.
Surf Zombies raise surf rock from the dead with fast, crazy, original instrumentals that straddle retro surf, bubblegum punk, and garage rock. A Surf Zombies show is some combination of Saturday morning cartoons, beach parties, and hot rod car shows. The driving rhythms, swirling tremolo, crashing spring reverb from dueling guitars and authentic growl of vintage tube amps make for a truly weird Midwestern wonder. Their fifth studio album, "Return of the Skeleton," was released in October 2018 for fans of surf, punk, leather jackets, vintage guitars, and exceptional melodies.

Surf Zombies return with their fifth album, "Return of the Skeleton," and will be sharing it with the masses at Hooks Pub on November 18th.


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