A previously convicted man was arrested again after his truck ran out of gas in front of the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office in New York.

On Monday, September 19th, around 11:45am, a Sheriff's Sergeant, Blake Starner, was leaving headquarters when he spotted a disabled pickup truck that had run out of gas at the intersection of Old Route 17 and State Route 17B in Monticello.

Gas Guage Empty

The driver, 52-year-old Harold Tyler, said he was waiting for a friend to bring a can of gas for him.

Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office
Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office

Out of the normal process, Sergeant Starner ran the plates on the truck, which turned up the information that Tyler, a resident of Woodbourne, had a revoked license. It also found that the pickup truck was unregistered - with license plates that did not belong on the truck.

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As the sheriff's sergeant was taking the suspect into custody, a New York State Department of Transportation worker rolled up to the sheriff's office to tell them that the man they were arresting - and the pickup truck - were both wanted in connection to the theft of nearly $2,000 worth of metal that was stolen from a nearby Department of Transportation yard.

Going to Jail

Tyler was charged with felony grand larceny and was arraigned before Thompson Town Justice Richard Baum.

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