A 72-year-old woman in Germany will likely be spending the rest of her life behind bars now that an attempted murder charge is being pressed against her for her actions while she was hospitalized.

At the hospital, the suspect, who has not yet been named, was sharing a room with another patient, another 79-year-old woman who was on a ventilator. Ventilators are used to assist with the breathing process for patients who are unable to do it themselves.

Hospital Workers Cope With Coronavirus Surge In Final Days Of 2020
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Like any piece of hospital medical equipment, the machine had some different beeping sounds to let staffers know it was operating properly, but it also has its own operating noises as it helps the patient breathe.

The 72-year-old got up from her bed, and switched off the ventilator because she was annoyed by the beeping. Staff came in and powered the ventilator back on, gave the woman a stern talking to, and explained that the ventilator is vital to the patient staying alive.

Later that evening, the 72-year-old got back up and switched off the ventilator. The older patient crashed, and had to be revived before she died at the hands of an annoyed old lady.

Handcuffed man behind prison bars

Police were called, and the 72-year-old was taken to jail for attempted manslaughter following the incident.

She was brought before a judge Wednesday and taken to jail.

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