A Georgia man is behind bars after questioning why he wasn't among the likes of his most wanted people in the county.

Last week, the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office posted a list of their ten "most wanted" violent offenders on social media.

A few hours after the post was up, a man named Christopher Spaulding popped up in the comment section, with just a comment, "How about me?"

The sheriff's office replied to his comment, saying “You are correct you have two warrants, we are on the way.”


On Thursday, the sherrif's office shared a photo of Spaulding, dressed the same as his profile picture, in handcuffs at the police station.

"We appreciate you for your assistance in your capture!
Special thanks to our Fugitive Unit for being active and efficiently apprehending Mr. Spaulding who has 2 warrants for Felony Violation of Probation," the Sheriff's office wrote. "Our Top 10 is compiled based off of the severity of the charges only. By not being on this list does not mean our Fugitive Unit is not looking for you if you have an active warrant."

The office said it's typically violent crimes that get you on the Top 10 list.

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