I've had a squeaky mic stand for quite a long time now, and honestly, I thought I was the only one to notice it. Apparently EVERYONE noticed and I was lambasted for it.

Throughout the morning show I have to move fairly often whether it be to man the board, check emails, or play audio. So the mic arm is put under a lot of stress. After we finally decided to just switch a couple of the stands around, listeners started emailing in to let me know just what they did not like about me.

Before you read any of the mean things that were said about me. Take this into consideration, my daughter texted this to me during the segment:

Townsquare Media

Here are some of the tweets and emails we received:

TO hell with the throat change.....I have been waiting for SOMEONE to oil that DAMN chair for years that we ALL hear squeak from time to time.


Listener Christopher

Out of the 5 of you, can't anyone come up with some sort of ingenuity? Idk, maybe somebody that can, hour after hour, meticulously build an award winning model.

Listener Cory

If Bill is the professional that he says he is, he could MUTE his mic to sniff or clear so we weren't sitting here gagging!

Listener Vickie

At least some listeners stood by my side:

Bill don't take this crap...if you wern't so annoying we wouldn't love you so much lol!!!!!!

Listener Becky

If it makes you feel any better I've never noticed this squeak ever until today when someone pointed it out.

Listener Lauren

I've never heard the squeak and Michaels is the intelligent glue of the show. No offense, Dwyer, Goose, Klinger and Mack.

Listener Grant