In the challenge, the person takes a phone charger and plugs it partially into an outlet, and then drops a penny into the charged and exposed prongs, causing a spark and typically melting the outlet.

Not even a few days after the warning was issued, a school in Massachusetts had to evacuate when smoke began billowing out of an outlet in a classroom. Outside the room, an outlet was seen with a scorched wall. Officials quickly determined the fire was caused by the outlet challenge.

Being its 2020, and you can't do anything without being plastered on the internet, multiple videos starting popping up on social media, showing the face of the student who did it, as well as him doing it.

The principal, Jim Antonelli, called the student into his office to ask why he did it, the student replied "Thought it'd be fun." The fact that he thought it was a joke is absolutely shocking.

The incident caused $700 worth of damage, and the principal has called for caps to be installed on all of the hallway outlets.

In addition to punishment by the school, the student is facing charges of burning a building, property destruction, and disorderly conduct.

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