2019 brought us dumb challenges like the "Tide Pod Challenge", "Hot Water Challenge", and more. The first dumb "challenge" of 2020 is here.

The "Outlet Challenge" is the newest internet challenge. Starting on TikTok, the challenge has people partially putting a charger into an outlet partway and sticking a penny in the gap to cause a spark.

The Fire Marshall of Massachusetts, Peter Ostroskey, sent out a letter to to the all the state's fire chiefs to warn them of the challenge. He said their office has already had two reports of teens recreating the stunt.

Ostroskey said he wants to warn schools, news, and parents to keep an eye out for signs of "fire play" like scorched outlets, and to have a conversation about fire and electrical safety. NBC Boston said two students attempted the challenge in a high school classroom.

They should be left to their own devices, Darwinism has worked up to this point.

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