A shift supervisor at a Starbucks in New York had to quit this weekend after two videos of her yelling at a customer went up on the Internet.

Supposedly she accused the woman of trying to steal one of their new cookie straws you can get with a Frappuccino now. Then she told her to "get the eff out," and wouldn't even let her pay for it. When some of the other customers tried to defend the woman, the supervisor started yelling at them too.

Starbucks released a statement that basically said she's a good person who was having a bad day, and offered the customer a gift card for a hundred bucks.

she took my order of one frappuccino and one special straw. I didn't hear her coworker asking my name to put on cup at first because I was opening my reward app on my phone to pay, then melissa started to shout at me saying hey helloooo with very bad attitude. The only thing I said to her is "sry I don't hear you but you don't have to yell." And till now, I haven't figured out which word aggravated her. Then She took the scanner away as I was trying to pay then told me to leave and never go back. I was trying to ask other employees who I can speak to. She thought I am leaving with the straw on my hand (I picked it up before everything happened), she said I am stealing the straw.

Really?! call me stealing! And you say call the police to get me out of the store?! I felt so bad for what happened, especially nobody I can report her to because she is the manager. I am glad that other customers in store saw how I was treated and told her "you need get fired". Then she switched the target and started to argue with them. I thank for this customer who took this video and sent to me.

I have filed the compliant with customer service. I hope the district manager will take this seriously. This is such a terrible experience.