A Napa County resident engaged in a seriously cinematic act of self-defense on Saturday morning, attacking his attacker with the same knife he was stabbed with.

It's not really clear what the back story of what this trespasser was doing on the property. Police think it may have been an attempt at a break-in that turned sour when the homeowner ended up being home.

33-year-old Andrew Kenneth Dixon was arrested on Saturday on suspicion of attempted murder, elder abuse, and assault with a deadly weapon.

Going to Jail

The Napa Valley Register reports that the 61-year-old homeowner "stepped outside his house after the power went out." It was in the yard that the homeowner encountered Dixon just after 9am on Saturday.

There was an argument, then a physical altercation followed in which Dixon allegedly used a knife to stab the homeowner in the back.

But, that wasn't where things ended. This is where we meet the nation's newest badass.

The homeowner then reportedly pulled the knife out of his own back, and then returned the knife to Dixon - right into his torso. The knife was then used to subdue Dixon until the authorities arrived to the scene.

Sheriff’s spokesperson Henry Wofford said that both men suffered non-life-threatening injuries, but surely Dixon's pride was hurt in the ordeal.

It's unclear if Dixon, a resident of Long Beach, was doing in that area in the first place, and It hasn't been determined if he was the reason the power to the house went out.

As of Saturday, Dixon was being held without bail.

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