I do my share of speeding, like most of us.  Late for something, impatient driving, and any number of other justifications will kick me up a few MPH.

And like everyone, I get my share of pull-overs too.  What I don't seem to get, is tickets.  It's not some secret recipe, it's just a respect for their authority, and an understanding that every time a cop walks up to a car they pull over, it might be the last time they ever do it.

So here's what you can do to lessen the chance of a speeding ticket:

Stop and turn off the ignition.  Even if it's cold, open all your windows.  If it's dark, kick on your dome light, because even though they flood-light the interior of your car, you can show transparency by kicking on your light also.  Rest your hands, both hands, on the steering wheel.  When the cop asks for your license and registration, tell him that you are going to reach for it, and where it is.  If he takes your stuff back to his car, ask him if it's okay to re-start your car to put the heat or air back on.  Just by asking him/her, you've probably shown them more respect than they have seen all day.

Don't make any more small talk than is necessary. The cop is at work.  Too  much friendly is not good. How much chit chat do you have with your cable installer or doctor?  Right.  Keep your conversation to the required info.

Don't bitch and complain about how he/she got you when everyone else is going faster blah blah blah.  Shut up, whiner. You probably wouldn't be in this position if you hadn't had your hands in the cookie jar to begin with.

greg dwyer/Townsquare Media